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Service Advisory: UN General Assembly

Traffic conditions in New York City will be challenging this week due to the UN General Assembly along with heightened security in and around the city. We encourage our customers to leave extra travel time while getting around the city and to the airport. Our Customer Service Team is available by calling 212-812-9000 to adjust your scheduled pick up time or for any additional questions you may have. Thank you for your patience, we look forward to you traveling with us!

About the UN General Assembly 

2016 marks the 70th UN General Assembly which nations from all over the globe meet and make recommendations for General Assembly Resolutions. The first session was in January 2046 in Westminster Central Hall in London and included representation from 51 nations – currently there are 193 members of the United Nations.  Since then it’s been in New York City ever year except in 1988 when it was held in Switzerland.

Each Generally Assembly is planned about seven months in advance as they plan the agenda sessions which are then numbered. Depending on the agenda, the sessions could take place during the assembly or appointments could be made months down the line.

When the UN General Assembly is held at the United Nations, which is located on the East side of Manhattan. The members meet in a special building designed just for the purpose of this meeting. Although the UN is closed to Visitors during the General Assembly, you could visit weekdays between 9am and 4:30pm for a guided tour.

Fall Foliage

It’s Almost Fall in New York City!

With so much going on in a city that never slumbers, it’s hard to plan your Fall excursions. Here are some exciting ways to spend your getaway.

  • Fall Foliage – Take in New England’s natural beauty during its most prized time of year. Blade, bike, or simply wander beneath the autumn foliage in Central Park, a prime location to view the season at its finest. Stop by the New York Botanical Garden, home to some of the city’s oldest living trees.  NYBG also offers the Haunted Pumpkin Garden (September 17th – October 30th), where award-winning sculptors carve the country’s largest pumpkins into masterpieces.
  • Cider Week – Cider is the flavor of Fall. From October 21-30th, NYC restaurants host a week where you can sip on New England’s finest cider ales, from Foggy Ridge Cider to Farnum Hill. Eateries such as Murray’s Cheese Bar and Astor Center offer tastings of this Fall staple as well as pairings of cheese and pasta dishes.
  • Halloween – Get your costume ready! New York’s Halloween Parade is one of the biggest annual events in New York, with over 50,000 witches, vampires and ghouls who attend each year. Bands and dancers will be performing as well as talented artists. If you want a more family-friendly holiday outing, Boo at the Zoo at the Bronx Zoo is a spooktacular experience. There will be a hay ride, face painting, storytelling, exciting creatures and more fun activities for the family to enjoy.
  • Macy’s Day Parade –  November will be here before you know it, and that means Thanksgiving! This parade is an annual tradition that presents monstrous balloons of every popular cartoon character you can think of, from Pikachu to Spiderman. On ground level you can see cheerleaders, clowns, floats, and celebrities. Before you stuff your face this Thanksgiving, venture on over to a world-renowned New York experience.
  • Film Festivals – New York City offers an endless array of film festivals in the Fall. The New York Film Festival takes place from September 30—October 16th and showcases work from film legends. The festival is celebrating its 54th year of bringing the spotlight too films both big and small.