This Fall, New York City offers plenty of fun events, free of charge.

Fun Fall Free Events in New York City

This fall, New York City offers plenty of fun events, free of charge. Surprisingly, there are many activities this season that are both enjoyable and easy on your wallet.

  1. MoMA (11 W 53rd Street, between Fifth and Sixth Aves)

Manufacturer and sponsor UNIQLO offers free admission to the Museum of Modern Art every Friday from 4:00pm-8:00pm, which is a great deal compared to its usual $25 fee. If you’re craving some beauty and culture, head on down to one of the city’s most popular museums. The museum suggests you arrive before 6:00pm to avoid long lines.

  1. Oktoberfest NYC (Watermark -Pier 15, 8 South Street)

You don’t have to travel to Munich to enjoy Oktoberfest! From October 4th-7th and October 11th-14th you can enjoy Oktoberfest right here in NYC. Admission is free to this family friendly event at Watermark Pier. They’ll be beer, pretzels, brats and everything Oktoberfest for sale but the stunning views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn are free!

  1. TCS New York City Marathon  (Verrazano-Narrows Bridge)

If you’re cheap and active, register for this year’s New York City Marathon on November 4th. More than 200,000 people join in on this exciting event each year, including people of all ages. You can join in on the race for a fun block party or you can compete for prizes of up to $100,000. Whether you’re in it to win it or simply want the bragging rights for finishing a 26.2 mile run, the NYC Marathon isn’t something you want to miss.

  1. Central Park Tour: Conservatory Garden (East Side from 104th-106th Streets. Enter at Fifth Avenue and 105th Street, or 106th Street gate inside the Park)

Get a chance to enjoy nature and learn about hundreds of trees, flowers, and shrubs that beautify Central park’s Conservatory Garden this October 29, from 1:00pm-1:15 pm. A tour guide will walk you through the stunning landscape that the park’s horticulturists maintain, and it’s all free of charge.

  1. Village Halloween Parade (6th Avenue from Spring to 16th Street)

This year’s 42nd Annual Parade will be on October 31 at 7pm. Only people in costume are invited to attend one of New York’s largest events. There will be hundreds of puppets, 53 bands, dancers and artists, and thousands of other New Yorkers. Those in costume can lineup for the parade between 6:30pm and 8:30pm.

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