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See New York City on a Budget

See New York City on a Budget

See New York City on a Budget

New York City is definitely one destination that must be on every traveler’s bucket list. However, far too many are scared away from the prospect of visiting the Big Apple by the costs. They hear horror stories about hundred-dollar cab rides and paying $5 for a hot dog, and immediately write their dreams of visiting NYC off. The sad part about all of this is that it doesn’t have to be this way. From finding discounted tickets to Broadway shows or utilizing the NYC Share Ride Shuttle, taking in New York City on a budget isn’t much of a challenge at all.

Tips to Save a Few Bucks on Your Travels

Now, if you’re like many of those wanting to visit NYC, than you’ve convinced yourself into thinking that the only way to get the full experience is to splurge. Yet if you truly want to experience New York as a New Yorker would, then you’ll look for ways to save a buck and avoid the traditional tourist traps. With that in mind, here are some tips from the locals on how to enjoy New York without needing to take out a second mortgage:

  • Save on your accommodations: If you’re looking to spend $300+ per night on a hotel room, than New York can certainly accommodate you. However, any resident will be quick to point out that the view of Central Park you get from the ground level is just as good as the one available from some of the city’s swankier hotel rooms. Thus, they recommend saving on your lodging when you can. Hit the Internet and look for travel sites that offer discount rooms. Avoid traveling during the holiday season and at other times when you know hotel costs will be outrageous. You may even want to look into a hosting service where actual residents are willing to let you crash on their couches.
  • Know how to get around: Some may say that no trip to New York is complete without hailing one of the city’s famous yellow cabs. Just know that a ride is going to cost you, especially if you happen to get stuck in midday traffic. New York City has the one of the most famous subway systems in the world; don’t be afraid to use it. Or, if you prefer, try any of the city’s ride share shuttle services. They get you to where you need to go just as quick as a cab, and for only $5-$10 per ride, sharing your journey with others is well worth it.
  • Use your sightseeing budget wisely: There are, of course, certain landmarks that must be seen in the city, each of which charges admission. However, with a prepaid New York City Pass, you’re granted access to more than 50 of the city’s most popular attractions, including the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Radio City Music Hall, and Madison Square Garden. Want to see a show? Get up early one morning and head to any of the TKTS booths in Times Square. They sell tickets for day-of performances for up to a 25-50 percent discount.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the only way you’ll ever be able to visit New York City is to blow your kid’s college fund. There are ways to enjoy all of the sights and the sounds of The City That Never Sleeps on virtually any budget. So stop worrying about breaking the bank; your dream vacation is much more attainable than you think.

Madison Square Garden Events (Summer/Fall)

One of the best and historic sports, music and entertainment venues is located right here in New York City – Madison Square Garden. Week after week the venue gives way to a wide range of events including basketball, soccer, concerts and even rodeos! The other great thing about Madison Square Garden, or ‘MSG’ as it’s known to most, is that it is located right above Penn Station, making transportation a breeze. The venue has a way of transporting you out of the big city but still lets you feel like you are part of something big, real big. This upcoming summer and fall, there could be a seat waiting for you in the 20,000 seat venue:


Following the release of U2’s thirteenth studio album, the band announced they were to play indoor arenas for the first time in a decade. Madison Square Garden obviously fit the bill perfectly and they are scheduled to play eight shows in New York City. The band promises a one of a kind experience for every single show (so if you have the twine, might want to grab tickets for a few different nights). Considering that U2 has been playing stadiums for the past ten years, this show is sure to be intimate and extraordinary.

New York Liberty

New York Liberty is our very own professional woman’s basketball team. They play throughout the summer and give you chance to catch a sporting event at the famous arena without spending a lot of money. Currently, they are on a winning streak and the team is keeping up with the New York City temperatures, playing hotter than ever. You can catch Tina Charles, Epiphanny Prince and the rest of these ladies take the court weekly at MSG.

Billy Joel

Billy Joel has officially become a fixture of Madison Square Garden for the past 19 months and is still going strong. Ticket continue to be high in demand and he has eight more shows already scheduled for the rest of the year. Considering he has more than 150 million albums sold throughout his career, he might be playing shows at The Garden for a long time coming. You can check out upcoming shows and purchase tickets on his very own ‘Billy Joel at The Garden’ website.


Madonna is bringing her ‘Rebel Heart Tour’ this September and bringing Amy Schumer along for the ride. Before you are wowed by The Queen of Pop, Amy will be hitting the stage to give you a few laughs. With over 32 years of songs under her belt, she has said she is finding it harder and harder to decide which tunes actually make the cut. You’ll have to see for yourself when she hit the big stage at Madison Square Garden.

Maccabi Tel Aviv vs. Armani Milan

The 2015 Euroleague Basketball World Tour kicks off this October in the States. Maccabi Tel Aviv and Armani Milan will battle it out in a preseason game on October 4th. The teams are 6-time and 3-time, respectfully, European Champions. This is a great opportunity to see how the style of basketball differs outside of the United States.

Spring Time Sports Games in New York City

New Yorkers have a lot of pride, there is no arguing that, especially when it comes to their beloved sports teams. New York City is the only city to have more than one team  for each of the major sports franchises – baseball, football, hockey, basketball and most recently, soccer. Although there are always sports going on year round, there is something about springtime weather that gives you that extra push to get to a game. Tourist and locals alike flock to the stadiums around the metropolitan area to get a glimpse of these iconic New York teams.


A fresh cut field, hot dogs, family time, spring air – its all part of baseball season. The New York Yankees and New York Mets both offer up about six games a week, so you are bound to be able to catch the Bronx Bombers or the Amazin’ Mets during your time here. The Mets play at Citi Field in Queens which can easily be reached by taking the 7 train from midtown Manhattan. At this very moment they are on a nine game winning streak, so hopefully by the time you see this, Matt Harvey and the rest of the Mets have kept that going.

The New York Yankees. It doesn’t get more iconic than that thanks to the legacy they have created. The Yankees play over in the Bronx, which too is easily accessible by the train. Tickets for the Yankees will run you a little more than a Mets game but, for a way around that the bleachers aren’t a bad spot and you have a chance at catch a home run ball!


Soccer has been in New York for a while now with the New York Red Bulls who play in New Jersey, but this year the New York City FC had their inaugural season. Although these games run on a less frequent schedule than baseball, with two teams now, you have a good chance of catching at least one. Soccer is only recently becoming more of a mainstream interest in the United States and there are many star players from Europe now taking contracts with American teams which makes these games even more exciting to watch. You can catch the New York Red Bulls playing at Red Bull Arena while NYCFC plays in Yankee Stadium.

Hockey (Playoffs)

There is no doubt hockey is a winter sport, that is until the two New York teams both make it into the playoffs. The New York Rangers and New York Islanders both have made it to the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. So far, both teams are holding their own and if they both win their series, they will be playing each other in the next round. Last year, Henrik Lundqvist and the boys made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals where they were defeated by the LA Kings and this year they are back for retribution. Lets hope both teams make it to the next round, which means double the New York City area games and then you can draw your line in the sand with who you are rooting for.


If you’re looking for an active day filled with fun, join the 20th annual Tour de Bronx.

Like to Bike? Go to This Year’s Tour de Bronx!

Get ready for this year’s biggest annual biking event in New York, the Tour de Bronx on Sunday, October 26th. Join nearly 6,000 cyclists through the boroughs of 61 neighborhoods, including men, women and children of all ages. The ride overlooks beautiful waterfront vistas and lush garden passages, so you can bike while enjoying New York’s gorgeous scenery.

The tour starts at the Bronx County Building at Grand Concourse and 161stStreet, and ends with a celebratory music festival at the New York Botanical Garden. If you’re not exactly Lance Armstrong, don’t worry—the Tour de Bronx is not a race. The 25 mile course is a less intensive route for families and casual riders, and is a leisurely ride for all ages and skill levels. You’ll venture through Bronx Greenway bike paths, parklands and enjoy views of the shore. If you want to live life in the fast lane, the 40 mile ride course is for you. It’s quicker-paced, winding through city attractions such as City Island, Woodlawn Cemetery, and SUNY Maritime College. This course is recommended for more avid cyclists who are comfortable riding in traffic, and children under 16 must be accompanied.

If you’re new to the Tour de Bronx, there are tips to make it easy as a ride through the park. Make sure to wear a helmet and keep a safe distance from the curb. Always yield to pedestrians, and signal all turns and stops by out stretching your arm to the right or left, while also being verbal. Watch for potholes, glass, and manhole covers. Ride on the left in one way lanes and right on two way streets. Remember, this isn’t a race, so just have fun!

Tour de Bronx is an event that is presented by the Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. and Transportation Alternatives, and produced by the Bronx Tourism Council. These organizations promote healthy and environmentally-friendly methods of travel. Burn calories, enjoy nature and have a good time? There’s no better way to spend your Sunday.

Participating in the Tour de Bronx is free and open for registration. If you’re looking for an active day filled with fun, join the 20th annual Tour de Bronx. Enjoy the ride!

Head over to Flushing, Queens and catch a match at the Arthur Ashe or Louis Armstrong Stadiums.

Tennis Fury: The U.S. Open is Here!

The U.S. Open has invaded New York so for the next two weeks, one can expect endless tennis talk across news providers, crowded sports bars, traffic, and A-list celebrity sightings in the city.

You may be inspired to pull out the old tennis racket or to watch Serena smash a tennis ball onto her opponent’s court. No matter the urge, New York has plenty to do during the U.S. Open which will be held every day until Monday, September 8.

If you feel so inclined (and can afford the tickets), why not attend the actual event?? Head over to Flushing, Queens and catch a match at the Arthur Ashe or Louis Armstrong Stadiums. American Express and Grey Goose have sponsored a few special on-site events for attendees including children’s activities and U.S. Open inspired cocktails.

For avid sports bar goers, events like these are yet another reason to cram into a small venue and yell in unison with strangers. Well, have no fear! Enjoy all-you-can-watch tennis matches on the best plasmas in the city at these hotspots:

  • Irish Rover This classic sports pub is located at 37-18 28th Avenue in Queens.
  • Rock McBride’s Also located in Queens, you can’t beat the most friendly neighborhood bar (with the best Happy Hour in Astoria). 27-01 23rd Avenue
  • Legends Heralded as best sports bar in Midtown, this casual bar is a must if you want to stay in the city. 6 West 33rd Street

No worries—there are a few family-friendly viewing options as well. Bryant Park will host U.S. Open watch parties daily 11AM to 1PM and 7PM to 9PM on the Southwest Porch. Brooklyn Bridge Park (Harbor View Lawn) will also host special viewing on a big projector screen daily at 11AM.

If you want to get more active, try hitting a tennis court! Take a lesson at Midtown Tennis Club or find some friendly competition on a public court in the city.

There are lots of ways to feel a part of this year’s U.S. Open! Be sure to use GO Airlink for your transportation needs to Queens during the next two weeks.