Situated on the upper coast of Long Island, this collection of beaches and villages are the premier luxury hang out spot.

A Mini Vacation from NYC

There are endless amounts of things to do in the city, but many wonder what is beyond the high-rises, apartment buildings and packed streets of New York. Here are a few day or weekend trips, just a short distance outside of the Greater New York area.

Fort Tilden Formerly a military installation, Fort Tilden is located in Far Rockaway, Queens. The location offers historical military structures and reclaimed natural areas.

THE thing to do: Visit the beach! Whether simply enjoying the sun or building sand castles, Fort Tilden’s location along the Atlantic and freshwater pond offers visitors all the water they can take!

What to eat: Bring food! There are not many restaurants here except maybe for the one you spotted a few miles back. This is a perfect place for picnic on the beach. Pack cold cuts, some fruit and your other favorite snacks.

How to get there: The recommended means of transportation are by bike or car. If you don’t own either, you can always rent or hire a private car service.

The Hamptons Situated on the upper coast of Long Island, this collection of beaches and villages are the premier luxury hang out spot.

THE thing to do: People go to the Hamptons to beach, but recently, there has been an increasing presence of luxury boutiques and restaurants. Hang out at the harbor or shop at any number of shops!

Where to eat: First, go to Rumba for a variety of island inspired cuisine including Ahi tuna, duck empanadas, and jerk chicken tacos. They also have a rum bar (clever name, right?). Don’t leave before heading over to Scoop du Jour for an irresistible waffle cone.

How to get there: Visitors have the option to use the LIRR, a personal car, or a transportation service like GO Airlink NYC.

Sal J. Prezioso Mountain Lakes This gem rests in Westchester County, New York and provides unprecedented views of nature.

THE thing to do: If camping and hiking are your ‘things’, you belong here! In addition to being the highest point in Westchester, Sal J. Prezioso Mt. Lakes gives visitors a chance to enjoy zip lining, ropes challenge courses and more.

Where to eat: Don’t forget your fishing rods! This site has row boots available, so get in tune with your inner fisherman and catch tonight’s dinner.  (Reminder: It wouldn’t be camping if you didn’t bring ingredients for s’mores.)

How to get there: You should definitely rent a car for this trip, and plan to stay for at least two days.

Sometimes it’s necessary to escape the hustle and bustle of the city! The best part about being in a central location like New York City is that there are a ton of choices within reach. What are your favorite just-out-of-the-city mini vacations?

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