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Your Comprehensive Guide to Share Ride Shuttle Etiquette

If you’re planning to visit New York City anytime soon, you may want to arrange a shuttle ride to and from the airport in advance. Since city traffic is notoriously busy (and more than a little scary to out-of-towners), share ride shuttles can help ease some of your stress so you can sit back and relax while you are transported safely to and from the airport. If you have never had the pleasure of taking a NYC airport shuttle before, here is your comprehensive guide to share ride shuttle services and etiquette.

How Ride Sharing Works

When you schedule your ride sharing service, you will be picked up at the airport along with other travelers who are headed in the same direction. It is important to be polite and courteous to other passengers so that you can all experience an enjoyable ride. Share ride services are a more economical option than taxis and other available transportation services because they allow multiple passengers to split the cost of transportation.

Printing Your Voucher

To make sure that you are all ready to board our share ride service once you arrive at the airport, make sure you schedule your ride in advance and bring your printed voucher with you to the airport. Once you arrive at your destination, present your voucher to a representative at the Ground Transportation Desk in the airport. Being prepared will help you avoid making the shuttle and the other passengers late.

Getting to Know People

One of the most enjoyable parts of a shared ride to and from the airport is the opportunity to converse with fellow travelers. Since you are heading in the same general direction, you may even decide that you would like to explore New York City as a group with some of your newfound friends. However, do not force conversation on a fellow passenger who does not seem interested in conversing.

Selecting the Right Seat

If you’re physically comfortable, it’s considered courteous to sit in the furthest available seats toward the back of the van. This not only allows for more efficient loading of future passengers, it also makes it easier to accommodate any riders who might have special needs.

Weather Considerations

While chauffeurs do their best to get you to your destination in a timely manner, they cannot control inclement weather, unexpected traffic delays or flight delays. Please be patient and understanding of any delays that cannot be controlled by your driver. If you are on time for your scheduled pick up from the airport or hotel, it will help your driver get you and other passengers to your destinations safely and as quickly as possible.

Enjoy the Ride

Whether you’re loading into a cozy sedan or a full-sized van, remember to sit back and enjoy the ride. GO Airlink Shuttle services save you money, spare you the hassle of airport parking and ensure there are no detours due to bad directions when you’re on a tight schedule. Keep these benefits in mind and you’ll be much more likely to relax en route to your final destination, wherever that may be.

Reduce Travel Stress

Easy Ways to Eliminate Travel Stress

For many people, air travel can be a stressful endeavor. It often requires considerable planning, effort and patience before, during and after your flight, but there are numerous ways in which you can fight the stress before it begins. With the right kind of preparation and a positive mindset, you can turn a trip even during the busiest traveling season into a leisurely adventure. Learn how to reduce your travel stress with these simple tips.

Make a List, Check it Twice

Packing can be one of the trickiest parts of any trip. There always seems to be a challenge, whether it’s fitting items into a certain piece of luggage or simply remembering everything you’re likely to need while you’re away from home. Do yourself a favor and put together a list, striking items off one by one as you pack them. Not only will you be more confident in your final packing job, but the process of making the list itself will often help to remind you of needs you might’ve otherwise overlooked.

Do Your Homework

To avoid unpleasant surprises at check-in, measure and weigh your luggage to ensure each piece is properly sized. Make sure that carry-on bags are not too large according to your airline’s policies and that you won’t be charged extra for oversized or overweight checked luggage. Be sure also to pack the correct items in each bag, so you’ll have access to everything you need in-flight.

Start Out on the Right Foot

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of a good night’s sleep and a square meal before you begin your journey. Hunger and tiredness are great ways to add stress to any day, much less one you plan to spend in airports and airplanes surrounded by hundreds of people. Do yourself two favors: get plenty of shut-eye and eat right before you hit the road, especially since food choices become potentially perilous when you’re out and about.

Go With the Flow

You’re probably going to find yourself standing in a few lines before your trip is over, so do what you can to make the experience easier. Keep your boarding pass and identification close at hand, and when lining up for security checkpoints, try to facilitate the process as much as possible. Start emptying your pockets, removing metal accessories and getting your shoes off before you’re front-and-center and you’ll do your part to keep the line moving—while keeping yourself busy instead of just standing around.

Dress For the Occasion

One of the biggest mistakes you can make on a long flight is to dress in uncomfortable clothing. Sport clothes that are right for the weather but leave yourself the option to remove layers if the cabin gets too stuffy. Wearing comfortable walking shoes is also recommended, as you’ll probably be on your feet a fair amount between those long stretches of sitting.

Be Positive

Finally, one of the simplest and most successful ways to reduce your travel stress is to simply enter in with a positive mindset. Do little things to keep yourself entertained and upbeat, such as listening to music, reading books or doing pen-and-paper puzzles you’ll often find for sale at airport newsstands. As with any activity, traveling is less stressful when you approach it with an open mind and positive expectations.

JFK Airport Transportation to Manhattan

Getting To and From JFK Airport

If you’re visiting New York City by air, it’s important to think about how you’ll be getting to and from the airport. A bit of advance planning can make your vacation or business trip much more relaxed and easy-going. There are a number of ways to navigate your airport travel, including public transit, an airport shuttle or personalized car service.

John F. Kennedy International Airport is the busiest international air gateway in the US, with almost 30 million passengers every year. If you’re flying to or from another country, you’re quite likely to find yourself in JFK at some point during your New York trip. This bustling airport is also home to thousands of regular domestic flights. Your airport experience can be less stressful if you take a moment to learn more about your transportation choices before you arrive.

Your JFK Travel Options

You have many options when it comes to JFK airport access. Some of the most popular choices are:

  • Hiring a car service
  • Taking public transit
  • Using a taxi
  • Booking an airport shuttle

Some of these options require a certain amount of spare cash or planning in advance, while others are good for more spontaneous travelers or groups on tighter budgets.

Choosing a Car Service

Private car service can be a smart choice for NYC visitors who want to get to and from JFK in a hurry. Look for a team of chauffeurs who are licensed and insured for your safety and convenience. Some car services even make use of flight tracking systems, which means that they will still arrive on time, even if your flight is early (or delayed). When your car service knows exactly when you will be arriving at the airport, it can take a great deal of stress off your shoulders if your flight does not come in at the scheduled time.

If you’re in a group of several travelers, a car service to and from the airport can be just as economical as a shuttle or a taxi. When you prearrange a limo or call for one at the airport, you don’t have wait in line with your baggage, hoping to get a cab. Limo service is a great option for parties of three or more visiting New York.

Airport Shuttles 101

NYC Airport shuttles can be a good choice for people who want to get increased convenience without paying for a taxi. Share ride shuttle service are a great way to save money on transportation back and forth from the airport, and they give you plenty of space for all of your luggage. You can even use a share ride shuttle to explore the city without breaking the bank! You’ll also have the chance to converse with fellow travelers who are headed to the same destination as you. Shuttles can be pre-booked or called from the airport or hotel. The shuttle driver will provide you with door to door service, making it easy for you to deal with your luggage or any inclement weather you might be experiencing.

Book With GO Airlink Shuttle

You have plenty of options if you’re flying into JFK. Book your transportation with GO Airlink Shuttle in advance so you can start enjoying your vacation as soon as you get to the airport.