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Getting Around New York City via Taxi Made Easy

Getting Around New York City via Taxi Made Easy

If you’re new in town or not a resident of the Big Apple, utilizing one its many taxis can seem tricky. Things move fast in the city, so it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle-bustle if you aren’t familiar with local customs. Taxis, however, represent one of the most common and—with a few fellow passengers—affordable transportation options available. Here’s everything you need to know about New York City taxis.

Getting Started

You’ve seen it done on TV and in movies a thousand times before: hailing a cab is as simple as extending your arm as it approaches—right? Almost; you also have to pay attention to the service light on top of the vehicle. A cab is available when only the center indicator is lit. When both the cab number and “off-duty” lamps are illuminated, that means the cab’s not taking fares. If a driver already has a fare, all lights will be dimmed.

To increase your chances of being spotted, step off the street slightly as you hail (be safe!), and stand in a good spot where the driver can accommodate you. Lastly, make sure you’re on the side of the street where traffic’s headed in the direction you need to go.

A Few General Tips

While making use of taxis in NYC is not an overly complicated process, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Traditional medallion taxis (the yellow ones) in New York City cannot be requested in advance. If you’re not up for hailing your ride, you’ll need to rely on an alternate transportation service such as a livery cab or hired car service.
  • Only up to four passengers are typically permitted in a standard-size taxi cab. Minivan-style vehicles may permit up to five individuals.
  • Children seven years of age and under are permitted to sit on the lap of an adult passenger riding in the backseat of a cab.
  • The front seat of a cab can be used by a passenger when the rear three seats are full, or when he or she is unable to access the backseat of the taxi.

Notes Regarding Fares

The distance you’re traveling is the biggest factor in what you’ll pay for a cab ride, but there are other factors which influence your final fare as well:

  • All taxi rides in NYC are subject to a minimum fare (equivalent to one mile of travel) as well as a city tax surcharge.
  • Incremental rates are applied each 1/5 mile when traveling over 6 MPH, or every two minutes when below this speed.
  • Additional surcharges apply at night and during peak weekday periods.
  • Passengers are on the hook for all road and bridge tolls (drivers are obligated to offer discounted E-Z Pass rates).
  • You may pay via cash, credit or debit card and may decline to tip (15% is customary) in the event of poor service.


Remember, fares are not influenced by the number of bags or total passengers, so plan your city travels strategically and enjoy the savings!

Spring Time Sports Games in New York City

New Yorkers have a lot of pride, there is no arguing that, especially when it comes to their beloved sports teams. New York City is the only city to have more than one team  for each of the major sports franchises – baseball, football, hockey, basketball and most recently, soccer. Although there are always sports going on year round, there is something about springtime weather that gives you that extra push to get to a game. Tourist and locals alike flock to the stadiums around the metropolitan area to get a glimpse of these iconic New York teams.


A fresh cut field, hot dogs, family time, spring air – its all part of baseball season. The New York Yankees and New York Mets both offer up about six games a week, so you are bound to be able to catch the Bronx Bombers or the Amazin’ Mets during your time here. The Mets play at Citi Field in Queens which can easily be reached by taking the 7 train from midtown Manhattan. At this very moment they are on a nine game winning streak, so hopefully by the time you see this, Matt Harvey and the rest of the Mets have kept that going.

The New York Yankees. It doesn’t get more iconic than that thanks to the legacy they have created. The Yankees play over in the Bronx, which too is easily accessible by the train. Tickets for the Yankees will run you a little more than a Mets game but, for a way around that the bleachers aren’t a bad spot and you have a chance at catch a home run ball!


Soccer has been in New York for a while now with the New York Red Bulls who play in New Jersey, but this year the New York City FC had their inaugural season. Although these games run on a less frequent schedule than baseball, with two teams now, you have a good chance of catching at least one. Soccer is only recently becoming more of a mainstream interest in the United States and there are many star players from Europe now taking contracts with American teams which makes these games even more exciting to watch. You can catch the New York Red Bulls playing at Red Bull Arena while NYCFC plays in Yankee Stadium.

Hockey (Playoffs)

There is no doubt hockey is a winter sport, that is until the two New York teams both make it into the playoffs. The New York Rangers and New York Islanders both have made it to the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. So far, both teams are holding their own and if they both win their series, they will be playing each other in the next round. Last year, Henrik Lundqvist and the boys made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals where they were defeated by the LA Kings and this year they are back for retribution. Lets hope both teams make it to the next round, which means double the New York City area games and then you can draw your line in the sand with who you are rooting for.


If you’re looking for an active day filled with fun, join the 20th annual Tour de Bronx.

Like to Bike? Go to This Year’s Tour de Bronx!

Get ready for this year’s biggest annual biking event in New York, the Tour de Bronx on Sunday, October 26th. Join nearly 6,000 cyclists through the boroughs of 61 neighborhoods, including men, women and children of all ages. The ride overlooks beautiful waterfront vistas and lush garden passages, so you can bike while enjoying New York’s gorgeous scenery.

The tour starts at the Bronx County Building at Grand Concourse and 161stStreet, and ends with a celebratory music festival at the New York Botanical Garden. If you’re not exactly Lance Armstrong, don’t worry—the Tour de Bronx is not a race. The 25 mile course is a less intensive route for families and casual riders, and is a leisurely ride for all ages and skill levels. You’ll venture through Bronx Greenway bike paths, parklands and enjoy views of the shore. If you want to live life in the fast lane, the 40 mile ride course is for you. It’s quicker-paced, winding through city attractions such as City Island, Woodlawn Cemetery, and SUNY Maritime College. This course is recommended for more avid cyclists who are comfortable riding in traffic, and children under 16 must be accompanied.

If you’re new to the Tour de Bronx, there are tips to make it easy as a ride through the park. Make sure to wear a helmet and keep a safe distance from the curb. Always yield to pedestrians, and signal all turns and stops by out stretching your arm to the right or left, while also being verbal. Watch for potholes, glass, and manhole covers. Ride on the left in one way lanes and right on two way streets. Remember, this isn’t a race, so just have fun!

Tour de Bronx is an event that is presented by the Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr. and Transportation Alternatives, and produced by the Bronx Tourism Council. These organizations promote healthy and environmentally-friendly methods of travel. Burn calories, enjoy nature and have a good time? There’s no better way to spend your Sunday.

Participating in the Tour de Bronx is free and open for registration. If you’re looking for an active day filled with fun, join the 20th annual Tour de Bronx. Enjoy the ride!

Zoom Ziplines is open year round and the session lasts 1.5-2 hours.

Alternatives to the Typical Beach Day

When you think summer, you think beach getaways with a bright colored drink in hand. But soaking up the sun and laughter of a summer day doesn’t necessarily need to be on sandy grounds. Family bonding happens best when you’re exploring and stepping out of your comfort zone together. That’s why we’ve compiled a list overwhelmingly exhilarating activities to do when visiting New York.

Zipline at Mountain Creek Only a little over an hour from New York City, this adventure filled activity will heighten your adrenaline to a whole other level. Zoom Ziplines is open year round and the session lasts 1.5-2 hours. The tour includes well trained guides who offer training before you take that first jump. The tour is comprised of 4 dual ziplines and you’re able to buy a picture CD afterwards of all your still shots. Safety is the main concern, so all ages will be in great hands. Try to go on a cooler day where you can feel the breeze as you hover over the beautiful and serene sights of Mountain Creek.

Bronx Zoo There’s no better family activity then a visit to the zoo. For animal lovers, this 265 acre nature park of wildlife habitats and attractions is the perfect destination. It’s almost impossible to conquer the whole area in one day, so you’re going to want to pick and choose the exhibits that most interest you. Common favorites are the Wild Asia Monorail, Bug Carousel, and the Butterfly Garden.

Learn the Trapeze Experience something you never thought you would. This unique and extreme activity challenges you beyond your sense of abilities. A series of classes and workshops are offered in order to teach you the art of this activity, with classes ranging from first timers to advanced flyers. The outdoor locations are at Pier 40 and South Street Seaport so you’re able to see ample views while you’re soaring through the sky.

Sunset Sail Experience the New York City sunset directly on the water. Sunset Sail aboard the Schooner Adirondack gives you the ultimate vantage point including views of Battery Park, Ellis Island, and The Statue of Liberty. Complimentary soda, beer, wine, and champagne is served during your sail. Spending your evening on a boat will be a true treat to your eyes especially once the sun starts to set.

Sure, a beach day is relaxing, but spending a day trying new things and feasting your eyes on true beauty is rejuvenating. New York is full of fun activities for the family that’ll leave everyone thrilled with how the day went.