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A great aspect about this event is that it can be for the car connoisseur or for the whole family.

New York International Auto Show 2015 Preview

The Jacob Javits Center host some of the most exciting conventions every year, from Comic Con to the Progressive Boat Show, to our personal favorite – the New York International Auto Show. From April 3rd to April 12th you can immerse yourself in brand new vehicle models and concept vehicles. You will need a whole day to see and experience every inch of the show. A great aspect about this event is that it can be for the car connoisseur or for the whole family. Here are some of the highlights to look forward to this year.

Camp Jeep
Every year, Jeep sets up right outside the Jacob Javits Center to give a one of a kind car experience to test their vehicles. This year they have brought their course to a new level with more obstacles to get an “off road” experience right here in New York City. They have also added a rock climbing wall for those who are up for even more of an adventure.

290 MPH Super Car
Quite possibly the biggest reveal at the 2015 New York Auto Show is the 290 mph super car. New York City startup, Lyons Motor Car will make its first public debut. Although only a prototype, the price for this car will be well over $1 million. Made from carbon fiber, a Nelson racing engine and an electric system that is able to keep wires to a minimum, it looks like Tesla might be getting some competition.

One thing that different car brands do to bring some attention to their booths is get some awesome people to do free signings. This year you can catch Orange Country Choppers’ Paul Sr, former New York Knick Walt “Clyde” Frazier and former Major League Baseball player, coach, and manager Lee Louis Mazzilli. You can find out where and when these stars will be here.

Environment Friendly “Green” Cars
Chevy, Lexus and Kia all plan on revealing cars that bring style to your typical Hybrid. Kia will update their Optima and Sonata to be sleek and sexy (cars described as sexy makes me want to die, but maybe that’s just me) with green powertrains as well as a new plug-in hybrid with a larger battery pack and more powerful motor. Lexus has always been on top of pushing the limits on green cars and this year is no different. The 2016 Lexus RX will be the first seven seat option for the Lexus hybrid series. On the smaller end of things, the Chevrolet Spark will get an upscale feel and update some of their safety features.

Tickets are on sale now and with adults only $16 and children just $7, it really could be an affordable day of fun for the whole family. If you’re looking for a more exclusive experience you can buy early access tickets as well as sign up for tours by automotive experts.

Top 4 Travel Apps

Top 4 Travel Apps

A day of traveling serves as a realm of opportunity for spontaneous stresses and quick decisions. This alone could drive someone crazy, but tack on an unexpected 3 hour layover in one of the NYC airports and now you’re just being messed with. Yet the age of smartphones has allowed us to become traveling connoisseurs, combating the all too familiar sound of a crying baby, and even satisfying your hunger with legitimate grub. Here are a few travel apps that will alleviate that airport anxiety.

  1. Free Wi-Fi FinderLet’s face it, nobody likes overpriced data fees. With this app, you can instantly find free Wi-Fi Internet hotspots that can easily be connected to. Within a five minute walk you may to find ten separate hotspots. Go ahead and chat it up while you’ve got some time to kill JFK Airport.
  2. TripCase: This app is key for travelers. Serving as a step by step guide for your trip, TripCase allows you to organize specific trips, keep track of delays or cancellations, and stay in line with the gate matched for your flight. No more stressing out over when you’re boarding, and even worse, if you’re boarding.
  3. WazeThis intricate app has an overriding mission to join forces and combat traffic. Not only are you alerted when there is traffic, but also when you are approaching police, accidents, and road hazards. The beauty of this is the community behind it, with millions of drivers working together towards a common goal; an easier commute on all ends.
  4. GateGuru: Now answer me this, is that Cinnabon worth the 730 calories? Airport food has always gotten a bad rep, rightfully so. Let’s face it, you’re on the go, so a Johnny Rocket’s pick up is the way to, right? Wrong. GateGuru allows you to access lists of airport restaurants in LaGuardia, JFK and Newark that have received positive reviews from frequent travelers. This healthier option makes that 3 hour layover a bit less heavy, both mentally and physically.

And of course, there’s no better way to end your trip then with a share ride shuttle service that gladly accommodates you when you need that accommodation most. Go Airlink NYC offers transportation to and from Manhattan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So man out the first half of that travel day, we’ll take care of the rest for you.