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Fight Off Your Jet Lag

Even for the most frequent of travelers, jet lag will always creep up on you at the worst possible time. This temporary sleep disorder is the last thing you want to deal with when you have full itineraries planned.  But believe it or not, you’re not condemned to that annoying fatigue and grogginess. There are several ways to fight off jet lag so that once you land; you’re ready to conquer what’s ahead. Here are some remedies that’ll help you out the next time you travel.

  • Anticipate your body’s confusion by preparing ahead of time. If you know you’re inner time clock is soon to be thrown off, push your schedule back or forward depending on where you are going. This will serve as a gradual change instead of drastically being thrown into a different time zone. Whether you’re going to bed one or two hours earlier or staying up past your regular bed time, this will seriously aid you in adjusting your sleep patterns and ease your way into the mix.
  • Set your clocks to the time zone your traveling to before you even take off. By doing this, you will trick your mind and help you mentally prepare for landing time. When on the plane, constantly check what time it is so you know whether you should be trying to stay awake, or counting sheep to doze off.
  • Ever heard of Melatonin? This over-the-counter medicine triggers a natural hormone in your body that regulates your circadian rhythm. Take it about half an hour before you’re planning to fall asleep. Avoid caffeine when trying to go to bed and just focus on the sleepiness Melatonin will cause.
  • There’s actually an app for that. Jet Lag Rescue and Jet Lag Genie are both smartphone apps that’ll help you keep your schedule in line. You’ll know when to eat, sleep, take a quick nap, or take a Melatonin in order to adjust like a pro.
  • The sun is a powerful thing. Spend as much time as you can outdoors once you reach your destination. The sunlight will balance your biological clock and keep you awake when needed. Don’t forget to stay hydrated while you’re out there, because not enough water in your system will only make jet lag symptoms worse.

And there you have it! A trip should be nothing but enjoyable, so don’t let sleepiness and confusion slow you down. Shorten your recovery time and enjoy your stay to the fullest.

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