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Holiday Travel Tips 2022

Holiday Travel Tips 2022

Travel can be a stressful time no matter when you travel, but it is especially difficult during the holiday season. Whether you’re visiting family or taking a destination holiday, GO Airlink’s travel tips will have you traveling like an expert through the holidays and beyond. As long as you’re well prepared, any traveling should go off without a hitch.

Leave Early

Whether you’re headed to the airport or going on a family car trip, always leave early. You never know what obstacles await, so give yourself plenty of time to navigate them. Plus there is nothing more stressful than missing your flight during the holiday season. The worse case scenario is there will be no holiday lines at the airport and you’ll have plenty of time to relax.

For rides to the airport, GO Airlink Shuttle offers shared ride and private transportation on your schedule. Arrange early pickups and leave the stress of holiday driving behind you.

Rental Cars vs Taxi vs Shuttles

How do you want to travel during the holidays? Rental cars are probably the most expensive option out there, but are extremely convenient. You can drive where and when you want. However, you should also consider the low supply of rental cars nationally and the cost of gas when driving around, which can be like hidden costs. Rideshares and taxis are very convenient for airport transportation, but can also be very costly depending on how far you are traveling. You should also consider surge pricing when traveling around the holidays with rideshares. Airport shuttles often have longer wait times, but the price can’t be beat. If you’re looking for the most affordable airport transportation option around the holidays, airport shuttles are your best bet and GO Airlink offers shared ride service to JFK, Newark, and LaGuardia.

Pack Light (and Your Patience)

Avoid checking bags if you can. No one wants to worry about lost gifts and luggage.  Be sure to keep all your important documents and medications on your person. If there is lost luggage, you don’t want to lose anything important during the holidays.

Don’t Travel with Gifts

Remember that you can’t have wrapped gifts in carry-on luggage anymore, and you don’t want your gift to be checked by security. Also, be sure to avoid gifts with any gels or liquids when flying. Presents can also just take up valuable packing real estate. Your best option is to send them by mail or Amazon delivery. Of course, gift cards are also an easy travel option.

However, the best piece of travel advice is simple: relax. Be prepared and flexible because anything can happen and will happen during the holidays.

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