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Celebrate Pi Day in New York with These Delicious Pies

It’s March 14 (3.14) and you don’t need to be a math geek to get excited for Pi Day! Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159.

It may be a concept you haven’t heard of since high school, but we’re bringing it back today because Pi Day isn’t only about celebrating math–it’s about eating pie. And everyone loves pie!

So with that, we’re rounding up some of our favorite spots for pie in New York. From the traditional to the surprising, these pies will get you in the Pi Day spirit. Might we suggest a Pi Day Pie Crawl?

If you’re looking to get around New York to taste pies and see the sights, a bus tour is a great, economical option. City Sights NY offers hop on/hop off tours of downtown, uptown or all around town, along with passes to see specific attractions.

73 Gansevoort St. & 120 Hudson St.
Tuck into a traditional slice at Bubby’s, a comfort food restaurant. Go traditional with Local Apple, tropical with Key Lime or a little crazy with Michigan Sour Cherry. Pro tip: Bubby’s is bustling, so snag a seat mid-afternoon for more relaxing treat.

Petee’s Pie Co
61 Delancey St. & 505 Myrtle Ave.
It’s nearly impossible to talk pies without invoking Petee’s. Petee herself is a former special needs teacher turned pie baker from a long line of pie bakers. Press and customers alike swear that Petee’s is the best. No matter your pie preference, you’ll find it here: fruit pies, chess pies, nut pies and icebox pies all have a spot on the menu. And if you’re dying for a slice but you’re out of town, don’t worry. Petee’s ships.

Daly Pie
665 Vanderbilt Ave.
Come for the cozy “homestyle pie cafe,” stay for the Case of the Mondays, a pie featuring peanut butter custard, pretzel crust and a layer of nutella, topped with a chocolate ganache and crushed potato chips. Or the Orange Chocolate Almond Pie (both vegan and gluten free–pie lovers with dietary restrictions rejoice!). Traditional pies line the menu as well.

Four & Twenty Blackbirds
634 Dean St., Brooklyn & 439 3rd Ave., Brooklyn
Sisters Melissa and Emily Elsen bake with seasonal ingredients and creative flavor combinations. Flavors include Salty Honey, Black Sesame Custard, Turmeric Tonic and Black Bottom Oat, among others. Ingredients are sourced locally and organically when possible and natural sweeteners like honey favored.

Pies ‘n Thighs
166 4th St., Brooklyn
If you’re looking for all the comfort food, Pies ‘n Thighs is your spot. Fried chicken, donuts, biscuits–they’ve all won prestigious awards. Go classic with their Apple Pie, which has won national survey awards by Food & Wine and Bon Appetit. Or, lean into the restaurant’s southern comfort food feel with Bourbon Pecan Pie. You can’t go wrong.

Butter & Scotch
818 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn
Butter & Scotch isn’t just about pie: this women-owned and operated bar focuses on indulgent desserts and delicious cocktails. They bill themselves as “the bar and bakery of your dreams,” and they’re not wrong! The pie list is short, sweet and perfect: S’Mores, Key Lime or “Pie Roulette,” a rotating selection featuring the baker’s all-butter crust. You can also get your pie made into a DIY milkshake.

Milk Bar Bakery
Locations throughout New York City
There’s just one pie to get here: Crack Pie. It’s got a toasted oat crust, gooey butter filling. It’s a combination of salty and sweet and fans call it addictive. A survey of pies in New York wouldn’t be complete without it.

Ice & Vice
Locations throughout New York City
Ice & Vice calls itself an experimental ice cream shop. Their super premium, delicious ice cream is translated into icebox pie that will satisfy the ice cream lovers in the group. They offer Detention Ice Cream Pie, featuring Malted Vanilla and a Fruity Pebble Cereal Crust, or Milk Money Ice Cream Pie with Toasted Milk, chocolate ganache and a toasted graham crust.
And because pie doesn’t need to be sweet, two delicious spots for pizza pie:

DiFara Pizza
103 N. 3rd St., Brooklyn & 1424 Ave. J, Brooklyn
Patrons happily wait in long lines and pay upwards of $5 per slice for pizzas at this Brooklyn legend. Many call it New York City’s best slice, with carefully sourced ingredients like imported olive oil and cheese. Pizza maker Domenic DeMarco, 81, has been slinging pizzas at DiFara since 1965 and is still heavily involved in each pie. It’s cash only, so go prepared!

Paulie Gee’s
60 Greenpoint Ave., Brooklyn
Try some of the pies with tongue-in-cheek names, like the Arugula Shmoogula featuring Italian tomatoes, baby arugula, olive oil and shaved Parmigiano Reggiano, or the Anise and Anephew, with fresh mozzarella, braised fennel, anisette cream drizzle, Berkshire guanciale and fennel fronds.

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