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How to Become a Shuttle Van Driver & Drive with GO Airlink

Drive for GO Airlink

If you’re a New York City native, know the boroughs inside and out, or just have a passion for driving, then you may want to become a shuttle van driver and drive with GO Airlink. Our team of experienced shuttle drivers consists of highly trained, respectful, responsible and knowledgeable individuals who take pride in transporting our passengers from the airport to their destination and vice versa.

So why should you join our team and drive with GO Airlink? As a professional and safe driver who thrives on proudly serving the NYC tourism and local markets, here is what you can expect when you become a shuttle van driver with GO Airlink:

  • Generous Signing Bonus: You can receive up to a $2,000 signing bonus if you become a shuttle van partner-driver with us. After all, having extra cash in your pocket upfront – especially in a bustling metropolis with so much to offer – is typically a good thing.
  • Earn Double that of an Uber Driver: According to a 2019 article from CNBC, Uber drivers make approximately $1,500 a week in New York City. Well, good news: if you choose to become an independent-partner driver with GO Airlink, you can earn up to $3,000 a week, which would double your potential Uber income.
  • Cash Tips Daily: Hoping for a little extra gravy on the daily? Our shuttle drivers report earning an average of up to $100 in cash tips each day on the job.
  • Smart mobility app: Benefit from the technology of a smart mobility app so that you can avoid traffic congestion, construction, and other urban obstacles that will hinder you from transporting your passengers from Point A to Point B efficiently.
  • Shuttle the Best Customers in NYC: We sincerely appreciate our growing customer base and aim to provide them with the best transportation service available in the New York City market. Our shuttle drivers are fortunate enough to offer transport to a plethora of amazing people.
  • Consistent, Reliable Work: Have you previously been employed as a driver with a company that fails to provide steady work? With GO Airlink, you won’t have to worry about making ends meet to cover your expenses. We have contracts with major airlines, hotels, cruise lines and tour operators so you don’t have to worry about a lack of work. We’ve established these relationships not only for our business, but for our employees to ensure that we’re providing you with a lucrative opportunity to support yourself and your family.
  • Official Licensee of Port Authority of New York & New Jersey: We’re proud to confirm that GO Airlink is an official licensee of the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey. What does this mean for you? You’ll be working for a reputable company that has the support of the state’s critical transportation network; a network which moves millions of people annually as well as manages the transport of vital cargo throughout the New York & New Jersey regions.
  • Proud Member of NYC & Company: Who is NYC & Company? Only NYC’s official tourism marketing operation, of course. Why should you care? Their mission is to help maximize travel and tourism opportunities throughout the city, which opens doors for companies like GO Airlink. As long as we’re partnered with this reputable organization, we’ll be doing our part to help build economic prosperity while also spreading the dynamic nature associated with New York City around the globe.

Have we piqued your interest? If so, please contact us for more information by starting your online application today. If you’re interested in speaking with one of our existing shuttle drivers to receive direct feedback about how to become a shuttle van driver and what driving with GO Airlink is like, we will happily connect you with a current employee. We look forward to building our team of GO Airlink shuttle drivers as we continue to provide the most optimal service that we can to the best city in the world.

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