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Simple Airport Traveling Tips

Travel Tips

Everyone has tip and tricks when it comes to traveling, here are a few airplane travel tips that could help you on your next journey!

Always Reserve a Seat

Even on short flights, where you are sitting on the plane can make or break your time in the air. Frequent flyers usually have a basic idea of where they want to sit – towards the front and a window seat for us! Most airlines give you the option as part of the booking process, others booking engines might not let you. If you find yourself in the second situation, keep checking back or give them a call to see when/if you’ll be able to pick your seat.  Not sure where you want to sit? Check out SeatGuru or FlyerTalk to learn more about airplane seats then you ever thought you wanted to know.

Bring Your Own Entertainment & Snacks

It’s usually a coin to which amenities you will end up with during your flight so just go the safe route and pack your own things. Entertainment means headphones, computers, tablets, books – whatever is going to keep you from going stir crazy while you are 37,000 feet up in the air. We like to load up our tablet with the latest movies, bring our noise canceling headphones, our iPhone (for music) and a paperback book. As far as snacks go, besides a free non-alcoholic beverage, you don’t get much on domestic flights. Jetblue wins this challenge by a long shot by offering unlimited complimentary name brand snacks and beverages – that means taking three bags of Terra® Blues Potato Chips has become acceptable. If you are flying other airlines and you plan ahead, you can buy snacks before heading to the airport or if you must, in the airport and keep your hunger under control while in flight.

Take a Picture of Your Luggage Tag

This might be a strange one, but it is something that doesn’t hurt – so why not? If you have to check a bag (and pay the lousy fee) then take a picture of the luggage tag after it’s put on. This helps you double check your luggage is heading in the right direction. If your luck runs out, and your luggage gets lost this will also help with things like paper work and insurance claims. You probably have your phone out anyway, so just remember to snap that picture.

Avoiding Getting Sick

Water and disinfectant are two key things that could help prevent those “travel sniffles”. Traveling at 35,000 feet tends to dry out your skin and nasal passage which lowers your bodies’ immunity. By drinking a bottle of water before your flight, and even better, keeping drinking water during your flight, the better equipped your body is going to be to fight off germs.  Another tip – you can bring an empty reusable water bottle through security and fill it up once you get to the other side. Here are some eco-friendly water bottles that will save you money and cut down on waste.

Virtual Customer Service

Gone are the days of waiting in line to talk to customer service representatives. Most of the questions or issues you need addressed can be done so in an app. Jetblue, United Airlines, Delta Airlines and British Airways are just a few of the airlines that have excellent apps. You can change your seat, change your flight, track your luggage on connecting flights and even play games. It is also a great way to keep track of your mileage and most importantly gone are the days of paper boarding passes, now just take out your phone.

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