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4 Tips for Planning Holiday Travel

Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years are so close you can feel the joy in the air. With the holidays being right around the corner, you’ll need to start planning your holiday getaway right away. Whether you’re visiting the family or simply need to escape the chilly weather, these are some tips for your holiday traveling.

1. Plan Ahead

Nothing’s worse than hearing the age old question “are we there yet?” a hundred times. Research places to stop along the way for kids on road trips and go to fun museums or a park rather than a gas station. You can go on tripadvisor.com and see ratings of fascinating places to visit. Go online and check for luggage restrictions at airports so you don’t have to throw away products because you were .01 ounces over the liquid limit. Bring snacks! We can all get a little grumpy when traveling on an empty stomach. Research the weather beforehand so you know what to pack. Unfortunately things don’t always go as planned–pictures on the internet make places look cooler than they are, and weather the weather isn’t always in your favor. Be prepared and organize alternative outings in case of unexpected alterations.

2. Packing

Sometimes packing up can take up the majority of your vacation time. Make sure you have all important documents and absolute necessities in your carry on, and pack light in case luggage is mishandled or lost. If driving, pack flashlight, first aid kit, jumper cables, make sure you have a spare tire and jack. Bring headphones and sleeping pills to block out the crying children and the boisterous airport.

3. Travel on off-peak days

Unfortunately, the holiday season inevitably comes along with pushy pedestrians, obnoxious drivers, and intrusive security guards that get a little too personal for your pat-down. A way to avoid this is by traveling on the less popular days. The day before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year, so travel the day of rather than day before, and very early in case the flight is postponed to later in the day. Same goes for Christmas or Hanukkah—travel that day so you don’t stuck in the chaotic holidaze.

4. Breathe!

You’re on vacation! You’re finally free of deadlines, meetings, and your stuffy office. Follow these traveling tips and you’ll be grubbing on that pumpkin pie in no time.

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