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Transportation Options from Newark Airport to Manhattan

Airport Shuttle

Share-ride service is great for a wide variety of travelers, including those who don’t want to spend a lot on their airport transportation. A service like GO Airlink will pick you up at the airport and drop you safely to your hotel with no hassles. You can book in advance so that you know there will be a ride for you when you land in Newark.

Traveling via shuttle is great for both individuals and groups. If you’re traveling solo, you can feel comfortable knowing you are traveling with people just like you. They could be tourist, or locals, but everyone has fun stories to share about the Big Apple. Groups are welcomed aboard shuttles as well, in fact, the more you book, the bigger discount you can get! One way tickets start at about $16.


Public Transportation

Even though Newark Airport is in another state, there is still public transportation that can connect you to Manhattan. The AirTrain Station located in the airport will take you to a NJ Transit train station which then will finally leave you in New York City. It might not be the easiest or most direct way but it will only cost you about $5.50 to get to the City, so at least your wallet will be happy.



Once you arrive in NYC, you’ll see that there are taxis almost everywhere, and the airports are no exception. When you arrive in Newark Airport, you’ll find a line of cabs waiting to take you to city as fast as they can. The meters are regulated by the City, however they also run from the time you get in the taxi until you get to your destination.

If you are traveling during an off peak time, a taxi should cost you around $50-$60. However, if you are traveling during a peak time (6am – 9am or 4pm-7pm) then you’re going to be charged a $5 surcharge as well as have to deal your meter running a little longer due to traffic. When it comes to cabs, it’s a coin toss for cost, so think about how good your luck is before deciding if you’ll be taking one.


Private Car Service

You’re in New York City and you want to get around in style – we’ve got you covered. Taking a private sedan or SUV locks in a price ahead of time, assures someone is waiting for you at the airport and lets you sit back and decompress after your long day of traveling. Although you’ll find this option a little more expensive, sometimes you can’t put a price tag on convenience.

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