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Transportation Options To and From Newark Airport

For many of those traveling to the New York/New Jersey area, Newark Airport may end up being the best option for you. This airport acts as a hub for United Airlines, and as a result sees up to 30 million passengers each year. While getting to and from EWR Airport can prove a bit more challenging than flying into New York City directly, the abundance of available transportation ensures all travelers can find an option that works best for them.

Taxis wait outside every terminal at EWR, meaning they will be available and ready to go when you are. When traveling from the airport to the city, passengers can expect a fare between $50-$75, while the reverse trip will cost you about $69-$75. These amounts include neither surcharges and tolls, nor the added fees for luggage larger than 24 inches. Accordingly, getting to and from EWR Airport via taxi may not be the best choice for those on tighter budgets. Along these lines you could also hire private sedan or SUV service. The cost may be about the same or more but at least you’ll be riding in style.

Rental Cars
While rental cars can afford travelers more flexibility as far as scheduling, they can prove difficult for efficiently getting around the city. Between traffic and parking, those unaccustomed to driving within NYC may find the experience increasingly daunting. Additionally, the city’s numerous public transportation options are far less expensive and easier to deal with than personally driving a vehicle. However, rental cars are a smart choice for those planning traveling outside the city a great deal.

Air Train
For anyone seeking a less expensive conveyance when getting to and from EWR Airport, the Newark Airport Shuttle may prove ideal. This option offers connections to major transportation hubs, such as NJ Transit and Amtrak, which in turn take passengers directly into the city. Air Train incurs a fee of just $11.55 for a one-way trip, making this an extremely cost-effective option. When using this service, it’s best to regularly consult schedules and destinations to ensure you end up in the right place at the right time.

Private Shuttles
NYC share ride is another great option for getting to the city, especially for sizable groups of passengers making their way into EWR. Rides can start at $12 per person, with larger groups incurring a price range of $64-$133 per transfer. Ride shares have a 24 hour availability, although night rides may require a longer wait due to driver availability. This is great for those seeking convenient service without the hefty price associated with taxis or hired cars. We may be a little partial to going with this idea.

The Choice Is Yours
Getting to and from EWR Airport includes many different types of transportation to best suit the needs of a variety of passengers. Before setting out your travels, doing a little research on the costs and specifics of each type is highly recommended. This will allow you to find transportation that meets your travel requirements, while also staying within your allotted budget.

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