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Inside 5 Extravagant (and Expensive!) New York City Hotels

New York City is easily one of the most expensive cities to live in. Rent is ridiculous, taxes are sky-high, and a Chipotle burrito is $11.50 for Pete’s sake. When the cost of living is so expensive, so are hotels, with an average of $270 per night. If you think that’s pricey, expensive is an understatement with some of these extravagant New York hotels.

The St. Regis Hotel – East 55th Street

Even the name sounds like this hotel is fit for a saint. Ranked as the most expensive hotel in New York, St. Regis hotel goes for about $22,000 a night in its Presidential Suite. That’s my entire college tuition. The hotel is embellished with Italian marble bathrooms, crystal chandeliers, and heated floors. It even has designer suites named after icons like Dior and Milano that feature their own unique style. Legends such as Salvador Dali and Marilyn Monroe have stayed at the St. Regis as well. If you want to feel like a celebrity, this five star hotel is a must.

The Pierre, A Taj Hotel, New York – 61st Street

The Tata Presidential Suite may have a funny name but it’s no joke. It offers Turkish marble bathrooms furnished with TV’s, in-house laundry services, sumptuous king beds, beautifully upholstered furniture, and don’t forget the complimentary slippers. At $20,000 a night, you’ll be living the suite life.

Mandarin Oriental – 60th Street

At $18,000 a night, this hotel’s Presidential Suite offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Central Park and a fabulous bird’s eye view of Fifth Avenue. The suite is ornamented with handcrafted rugs and walls lined with imported silk, as well as a steam shower for two so you and your spouse can save water and shower together.

Trump International Hotel & Tower New York – Central Park

While Donald Trump’s hair may not be that visually appealing, his hotel suites certainly are. The two-bedroom suites are located on the 22nd floor and present stunning views of Manhattan’s most prominent park. They include spacious bathrooms garnished with contemporary fixtures, fully equipped European-Style kitchens, ten foot floor-to-ceiling windows, and even an in-suite chef. With this suite’s lavish furnishings, you’ll want to book a room faster than you can say “You’re fired!”

Ritz Carlton – Central Park

No, not the cracker. This hotel’s Royal Suite has posh amenities that include a bidet, soundproof windows, three TV’s, and a magnificent view of Central Park for $14,000 a night. The expression “Putting on the Ritz” was created for a reason—this suite is ritzy for sure.

New York offers extravagant hotels as over-the-top as the city itself. If you’re feeling risky and feel like blowing through your house mortgage, give these five star finds a try.

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