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Travel Tips – 10 Reasons to Travel with a Carry-On Only

If you’re anything like me, you like to travel light. However, if you’re still like me, you find it extremely difficult to determine how many shoes you can fit in your carry on. Although you may be tempted to just forget it and opt for a larger suitcase, we all know traveling with a simple carry-on is the best decision for everyone. Here are ten reasons why:

You don’t have to wait for your luggage once you land
There’s no better feeling than walking passed a huge crowd of tired and impatient passengers waiting at baggage claim. As soon as you’re off the flight, you can walk straight out the door.

Easy Access
Personally, I like knowing that my bag and belongings are within arm’s reach. Not only is it convenient for departing the plane and the airport, it also comes in handy when you arrive to your hotel. No need to wait for a bellhop to carry your bags when you can easily bring it upstairs yourself and get started with your trip.

Easy to maneuver
If you’re meeting ground transportation or taking public transportation, such as a bus or train, or taking a taxi once you arrive, it’s easier and more convenient to travel with a carry-on. You don’t have to fumble with bulky luggage and it’s easier to store.

Save Money
Flying is already expensive, so cut down on costs by traveling with a carry-on. Most airlines allow you to bring a carry-on on your flight for free, just make note of the approved weight and dimensions.

No need to worry about lost or damaged luggage
I’m sure you’ve all heard the horror stories. The amount of times that airlines have lost passengers’ luggage or passengers have received damaged items is almost too many to count.

Airline Benefits
Some airlines, such as American Airlines, reward passengers for flying light and will offer priority boarding so you can skip by the antsy passengers and get settled and ready for your flight.

Travel Faster
If you check-in online, you don’t have to stand in the long lines and just go straight to security. This definitely comes in handy if you’re running a little late for your flight.

You won’t be tempted to pack too much…
Since you’ll be travelling light, you’ll have to take a serious look at the items you want to bring and what you’d actually need to bring. Trust me; I always try to find a way to justify my “backup outfit options,” but realistically, I don’t need it and only end up taking up too much space.

…Or buy too much
Similarly, since you aren’t traveling with larger luggage, you don’t have as much room to store all the new souvenirs, clothes, and miscellaneous objects you’d want to buy. Alas, you’ll have to prioritize but your wallet and your luggage will thank you.

Unpacking is even easier!
Packing for your trip may be a difficult and time-consuming task, but unpacking your carry-on is a breeze! Since you packed a limited amount of items, most of which will be thrown into the laundry anyway, you’ll be unpacked and relaxed in no time.

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