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New York City Airport Transportation Information Every Traveler Should Know

If you’ll be taking a plane to New York in the near future, one thing you should know is that there are several different airports scattered throughout the state. John F. Kennedy (JFK) International is the largest airport in New York, while LaGuardia Airport (LGA) is situated close to Manhattan. If you’ll be staying in or close to New Jersey, you might find it more convenient to fly into the Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). To get you from the airport to your hotel, you can take a JFK airport shuttle, an LGA airport shuttle or an EWR airport shuttle. Make planning for transportation a major component of mapping out your trip to NYC.

Getting the Most Out of Airport Shuttles

While NYC is well known for its army of taxis, you may not realize how much more expensive those taxis can be than economical airport shuttles. On top of the regular cab fare, there is also likely to be an airport transportation fee. When you add that to a tip, you can easily blow through half of your travel budget before you’ve even arrived at your hotel. Quite a way to start your trip, huh?

With a JFK shuttle or a shuttle from any other airport, you can book your ride before you even touch down in the city. This will not only save you time, but stress as well, since you won’t need to worry about figuring out how to get to your hotel at the last minute. What’s more is that you can save money by sharing a ride with other passengers who might also be very interesting to talk to. Even if you don’t book a shuttle in advance, they’re easy to find after you grab your luggage and head out of the airport.

A Shuttle for Every Traveler

It makes no difference if you’re looking for a standard LGA airport shuttle or something a bit more luxurious, you’ll find exactly what you need. If you prefer smaller, more luxurious transportation, luxury sedan shuttles are available. There are even private luxury SUVs for large groups of travelers who like to ride in comfort and style.

In addition to offering round-the-clock shuttle service, some shuttle services go to all three major airports in New York City. What’s more is that they travel to hotels as well as residences and cruise ship terminals. You can conveniently book your shuttle online, then print out a voucher and bring it with you on your flight. Once you arrive at your destination airport, head over to the Ground Transportation Desk and show your voucher to the agent at the desk. You will then be given instructions for how to catch your shuttle. From start to finish, getting a ride on a shuttle is as easy as it is convenient.

Book Your Shuttle Service

Be sure to explore your options for GO Airlink Shuttle services prior to your flight. With your transportation all mapped out in advance, your trip is sure to be that much more pleasurable, and your travels more convenient.

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